High-Speed Internet

DSL/FTTP/Cable Modem

Mobius Communications Company provides Broadband advanced connection technology. Mobius has moved beyond the time of dial-up and has realized that the future of the Internet is High Speed!

High Speed Internet allows you to be on the phone and Internet at the same time


* Only for FTTP & Cable Modem
** Only for DSL & Cable Modem

Prices include a modem to connect your computer to the Internet.
You may also purchase a wireless router from Mobius.


 Installation Charges

No 2nd line required
No contract required (optional)

DSL available in Alliance, Chadron and Hemingford.
FTTP available in Greater Berea & River Rd, Marsland.
Cable Modem available in Crawford only.

Optional: Static IP addresses are available for $10.00 a month

Exede/WildBlue Satellite

For those interested in the immense power of high-speed Internet access, but are unable to acquire conventional high-speed services, Mobius has the answer. Satellite high-speed Internet! With nothing more than a small dish aimed at the southern sky, you can enjoy the power of high-speed internet ANYWHERE. If you desire the benefits of high-speed Internet, but don’t have any conventional oppurtunities available, WildBlue is for you!



Lease WildBlue for as low as $5.95 a month with a one time $99.95 Activation Fee
Requires 24 month contract
FREE Install *$179.95 Value*
High-speed Internet
Does not require a land line phone
Available in areas DSL & wireless don’t reach
Anywhere in the continental United States


box_icon  Moving to a new home?

Take your Mobius Internet service with you – for FREE! Just call us before you move and we will schedule a free move. The internet mover’s program is valid with our Broadband, Wireless, and WildBlue internet services.

**Note – you must be moving within our service area