Residential & Business Local Phone Service

Switching to Mobius is easy! Your phone number stays the same, the change is seamless!

Mobius Communications Company offers residential and business local phone service in the following communities:

Hemingford | Alliance | Berea | Bridgeport | Chadron | Crawford | Harrision | Sidney | Whitney

Long distance service and additional calling features can be added.

Long Distance Services

Mobius Communications wouldn’t be a complete communications services company without long distance service. Long distance service from Mobius is hassle-free:

  • No Monthly Service Fees
  • No Connection Charges
  • One Rate All Day – Every Day
  • No Minimum / Maximum Call Length
  • No Extra Numbers To Dial

International and Overseas Rates

These rates are subject to change

Terms and Conditions located below in General Policies

Which Service is Right for You? 

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