About Mobius Communications

Mobius Communications serves customers through a fiber network, providing various broadband services, including Internet, Telephone and TV services. Additionally, the company offers Security for home and business, Managed I.T. services, Computer Sales and Service, Business Phone Systems and Low Voltage Wiring. Mobius Communications now serves over 3,000 customers in the Nebraska Panhandle.


Calling Features



Telephone Service
Available Features
3 Way Calling ― $1.50/month
Selective Call Rejection ― $2.00/month
Call Waiting ― $1.50/month
Call Forwarding ― $1.50/month
Call Forward - Busy ― $1.50/month
Call Forwarding - Variable ― $1.50/month
Call Forward - Don't Answer ― $1.50/month
Remote Access Forwarding ― $5.06/month
Selective Call Forwarding ― $2.00/month
Wire Maintenance ― $4.00/month
Toll Restrict ― FREE
Non-Listed/Non-Published Number ― $1.50/month
Additional Directory Listing ― $5.04/month
Caller ID Name & Number ― $4.00/month
Anonymous Call Rejection ― $2.00/month
Automatic Callback/Last Call Return ― $2.00/month
Automatic Recall/Continuous Redial ― $2.00/month
Distinctive Ring/Custom Ringing ― $3.00/month
Voice Mail ― $2.00/month
Telemarketing Block ― $5.50/month
Speed Calling ― $2.00/month
On Vacation ― $10.00/month

Please note: Prices & Services subject to change. Adding calling features and other Mobius products will cause taxes to change. A $5.00 order fee will be assessed when new features are added to the line. Contact Us to speak with one of our knowledgeable customer service representatives to determine which calling features will best suit your need. We strive to deliver the best customer service and product quality possible. We believe in earning customer loyalty through service excellence and convenient offerings such as online bill pay.

*If you live in a rural area please write detailed directions to your home to better help us service you.

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