About Mobius Communications

Mobius Communications serves customers through a fiber network, providing various broadband services, including Internet, Telephone and TV services. Additionally, the company offers Security for home and business, Managed I.T. services, Computer Sales and Service, Business Phone Systems and Low Voltage Wiring. Mobius Communications now serves over 3,000 customers in the Nebraska Panhandle.



What’s all the hype about Fiber?

Fiber technology provides unrivaled benefits for future generations and is the most advanced communications technology available today. Because having reliable services for our customers is our number one priority, Mobius Communications has invested millions and will continue investing in a total Fiber infrastructure for years to come.

What are the benefits of having Fiber?

Fiber technology allows customers to compete on a much larger scale while keeping jobs and people in rural Nebraska. Working from home, remote learning, e-Commerce, sharing files, and more, are just a few of the ways homes and businesses can grow and succeed with the use of Fiber.

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