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Mobius Communications serves customers through a fiber network, providing various broadband services, including Internet, Telephone and TV services. Additionally, the company offers Security for home and business, Managed I.T. services, Computer Sales and Service, Business Phone Systems and Low Voltage Wiring. Mobius Communications now serves over 3,000 customers in the Nebraska Panhandle.


Hearing Aid Compatibility

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About Hearing Aid Compatibility

As wireless handsets move from analog to digital services, accessibility for the deaf and hard of hearing has become a concern. Digital technology means more features and improved performance—but some digital phones can cause distortion or noise for hearing aid users because of radio frequency (acoustical) interference or telecoil electromechanical (inductive) interference. Hearing aids that operate in an acoustic coupling mode receive and amplify all sound through a microphone, both desired and unwanted. Hearing aids operating in inductive coupling mode turn off the microphone to avoid amplifying ambient noise, and use a telecoil to receive only audio signal-based magnetic fields generated by inductive coupling-capable telephones.

To make sure the deaf and hard of hearing can use digital wireless devices, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) updated the Hearing Aid Compatibility Act of 1988 (“HAC Act”), passing regulations to increase the number of hearing aid-compatible wireless devices. The FCC’s hearing aid compatibility requirements address devices that operate either through acoustic coupling (with an “M” rating) or through inductive coupling (with a “T” rating). A “3” rating (either M3 or T3) indicates that the device has satisfied the American National Standards Institute (“ANSI”) standard, and a “4” rating indicates that the device exceeds ANSI standards. Although the “M” and “T” ratings are clearly marked on handset packaging, the rating doen not guarantee that the handset will function without distortion or noise. Mobius Cellular therefore recommends that you test the handset before purchasing.

Mobius Cellular strives to ensure accessibility for all individuals, including deaf and hard of hearing consumers. Please, contact our office at (308) 487-5500 or toll free at (877) 266-2487 with questions on hearing aid compability. Additional information on hearing aid compatability is also available for consumers on the FCC website.

Cell Phone Handset Listing

Basic handsets have three or less of these six features: 64+GB Storage, 13+ Megapixel Camera, Fingerprint Reader, Water Resistance, Bluetooth, Speaker Phone.

Intermediate handsets have four of these six features: 64+GB Storage, 13+ Megapixel Camera, Fingerprint Reader, Water Resistance, Bluetooth, Speaker Phone.

Advanced handsets have five or more of these six features: 64+GB Storage, 13+ Megapixel Camera, Fingerprint Reader, Water Resistance, Bluetooth, Speaker Phone.


Apple iPhone 8:

This update to the iPhone 7 has a glass back with wireless charging, and a faster A11 processor.  Other features are mostly similar, including water resistance, NFC for Apple Pay, fingerprint reader, Siri voice assistant, and front camera.

Kyocera DuraForce Pro 2:

This Android phone is extra-rugged and waterproof, including a Sapphire Shield display and non-incendive rating.  Its long feature list includes dual rear cameras, fingerprint reader, NFC, barometer, wireless charging, and fast charging.  Other features include a second wide-angle “action” camera, plus front camera and memory card slot.

Motorola Moto G6 Play:

The metal frame of this Android phone holds a huge 4,000 mAh battery and a tall, 5.7 inch, HD display.  Other key features include a fingerprint reader, fast charging, selfie flash, a 3.5 mm audio jack, and a memory card slot.

Samsung Galaxy S10+:

The model has a larger display and battery than the standard S10.  New features include a wide-angle camera, and in-display fingerprint reader.  Other features include a premium design with curved display and glass, dual-aperture and telephoto cameras, quad-HD + display, water resistance, Samsung Pay, heart rate monitor, fast wireless charging, memory cards, and 3.5mm headphones.

Samsung Galaxy S9:

The model has a metal frame that joins a unique curved screen to a curved glass back.  The camera can adjust aperture for low light.  Other key features a top-end processor, quad-HD+ display, water resistance, iris scanner, Samsung Pay, fast wireless charging, memory cards, and 3.5mm headphones.


Apple iPhone Xr:

This version of the iPhone X has a tall LCD display, single rear camera with portrait mode, an aluminum body, 3D face-scanning security and Apple’s latest A12 processor, Other features include wireless charging, NFC, and water resistance.

Samsung Galaxy A20:

This Android phone has a large 6.4 inch HD display that covers the whole face thanks to the small notch for the selfie camera.  It also sports a large 4,000 mAh battery and dual rear cameras for portrait effects.  Other features include fast charging, NFC, fingerprint reader, USB-C, 3.5mm audio jack and memory card slot.


Kyocera Cadence:

This model has LTE, a 2-megapixel camera, a memory card slot, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth.

Kyocera DuraXv LTE:

This model features LTE data, Wi-Fi, mobile hotspot, HD video capture, more memory, and a larger display.  This basic, but rugged and waterproof, phone also has global roaming, outer display, GPS navigation, Bluetooth, and voice control.

Hearing Aid Compatibility

AdvancedFCC ID #M RatingT Rating
Apple iPhone 8BCG-E3159AM3T4
Kyocera Dura Force Pro 2V65E6910M3T3
Motorola Moto G6 PlayIHDT56XB1M3T3
Samsung Galaxy S10+A3LSMG975UM4T3
Samsung Galaxy S9A3LSMG960UM4T3


IntermediateFCC ID #M RatingT Rating
Apple iPhone XrBCG-E3220AM3T4
Samsung Galaxy A20A3LSMA205FM3T3


BasicFCC ID #M RatingT Rating
Kyocera CadenceV65S2720M4T4
Kyocera DuraXv LTEV65E4610M3T4