General Policies

Mobius Fair Use Policy

Use of Mobius broadband service is subject to a Fair Use Policy (“Policy”). This Policy does not set a fixed maximum limit on the amount of data a customer is allowed to download, but does allow Mobius to act if an individual customer downloads significantly more than the average customer for a particular type of internet connection. This provides an advantage that, at certain times, makes it possible for customers to download a large amount of data, as long as the average data traffic, over longer time periods, is not significantly higher than that of other customers. If Mobius enforced a fixed monthly limit, customers would be charged for excess usage during a particular month. This differs from the current policy.

If, at the sole discretion of Mobius, a customer is deemed to have exceeded the average use for a particular type of internet connection, Mobius reserves the right to restrict, suspend or terminate the Internet service to that customer.

Mobius may revise this Policy from time to time without notice by posting an updated version of the Policy on the Mobius web site. All revised copies of the Policy are effective immediately upon posting. Questions regarding this Policy and complaints relating to violations of this Policy by Mobius customers and users may be directed to Mobius.

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